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Dangerous in the kitchen

Most people think that of all the rooms in a house the dirtiest and the one that has most of the germs and bacteria are the bathrooms. If you think like this you are wrong. Kitchens are bacteria and germs favorite room because of all the food lying in counters and moisture from the sink.

Kitchen sinks has 100,000 times more germs than toilets, food usually get trapped in sinks and drains. So how can you clean and sanitize your sink? One tablespoon of bleach mixed with one quart of water can be used to clean your sink, faucet and basin up to twice a week. When you’re done, pour the solution down the drain to clean inside.

Cutting boards are one of germs and bacteria favorite places. It is important to wash, scrubbing with a sponge, all cutting boards, preferably washing them in the dish washer after each use. Also it is recommended to have one cutting board for meat, one for veggies and one for breads, and use either plastic or glass because they don’t absorb bacteria-ridden juices.

Sponges are a big deposit for these lovely friends, and they should be washed in the dish washer every 3 to 5 days or if you prefer microwave them for 1 minute in high.

And last but not least your garbage can should also be cleaned often, as much as once a week with bleach and water, and always have a plastic bag on it.

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